Hello World!

I kept the hello world title because it amuses me, and I guess it’s fitting.

So right now, listening to Radiohead, I have started yet another blog. The plan is that now I’ve graduated my life is about to get a lot more interesting. If not, I’ll have to make it more interesting just to find something to write about.

Basically, as I want to be a writer (well I suppose I am a writer as I’ve just finished a Music Journalism course) I need a place to write my thoughts, ideas and anything I don’t get published I guess. If you’re interested you can find some of my writing here. Also, for any students reading, you might want to check out Girl’s Guide to Uni, the blog I created in the last year of University, which I am trying my hardest to keep up.

Anyway, as the sun is shining I think its time to finish this post. Once I’ve messed about with the layout I’ll get the About page up. 🙂


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