Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I have reached the dreaded age of 21. I don’t feel or look 21, and I’m feeling a bit behind for my age. People around me have their own flat/house, kids (which I DO NOT want yet), and a job. I have none, other than a VERY part-time job at Kerrang Radio as a roadie. But as my mom says, “I have just done a degree,” so I guess I can be excused. I don’t know why I thought I’d be further in my life now. I went straight from School to College to University. So technically I’m right on track.

But 21 feels so old.

Anyway, it has been a nice birthday. I hate the stupid expectations that come with birthdays. Your 18th should be your first big night out. Most of my friends didn’t bother to come. Go crazy on your 21st? I just wanted to chill in the sun, eat and not make too much of a fuss… oh and have a chocolate cake. I think I’m done with the string of drunken nights. I like the occasional night out. But I can’t keep up with the Uni life forever. I don’t think I was half as crazy as most of my friends. I was the one who had to have a glass of water half way through the night to stay out until three. One awesome night out is better than a string of unmemorable binges.

But anyways, as I said, it’s been a nice day. I enjoyed it. Thanks to anyone who had a part in it. 🙂


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