Fasting: Day One

Last night I watched a great documentary on Channel 4, Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer. It followed a guy who tried different kinds of fasting. From three days at a time every couple of months to twice a week every week, it actually showed a lot of health benefits. It isn’t one of those stupid dieting things, it was actually proved to lower the risk of things like cancer and diabetes. You don’t starve yourself. For the chosen days you limit yourself to a quarter of your usual calories. That’s about 500 for me.

Anyway, long story short, me and my mom decided to have a go. We’ve chosen to do it twice a week. As we both have holidays coming up in about two months we thought we could lose. Few pounds and get healthier. Hopefully we haven’t set ourselves too much of a challenge. But at the moment I’m feeling good.

I had weetabix for breakfast, a tuna salad for dinner/afternoon meal as I got up late. Then I’m planning to have low fat yogurt and some sort of fruit later. I may even have some calories left for an Options hot chocolate 🙂

I need something to focus my mind and get me writing again as I seem to have fallen into a black hole since leaving uni. So in a few weeks in should be feeling better all round.

Here’s a link to the programme if you’re interested:


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