Second Fasting Day/End of the Week

It’s the last day of the week and my second fasting day. It went quite well. The first fasting day wasn’t too bad (apparently I was a bit grumpy). Then I fit in some good exercise, and tried something new. I really enjoyed the boxing exercise class. It made me really want to get into boxing. The Olympics really have inspired me to get into sport as I really was not into it at school, and didn’t really exercise until I started uni.

Anyways.. Today I have struggled a bit. My step dad and sister both have chest infections, and I told them I wouldn’t be happy if I got it. Guess what? My chest has been feeling tight and I’ve started having those annoying coughs that feel like you’re choking up goop. So I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself and struggled with the fasting day. I’ve been keeping my liquids up to try to stop the hunger but I have to admit I’ve been so grumpy, and with relationship stuff going through my head I can’t work out what’s really stressing me and what’s just grumpiness. So I admit, I cheated just a bit. I had two tiny chocolates from my Roses box. But it’s almost sleepy time so I think I should be ok.

Next week I’m going to get my life back on track; more job hunting, room needs tidying, a legs bums and tums class., maybe a to do list is needed.


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