I Hate Burpies..

I’m so annoyed because I tried to write this post earlier using my iPad. Somehow I went off it and it didn’t save a draft.

Anyway, I really do hate burpies. For anyone who doesn’t know what they are, they are kind of like a press up but you jump backwards instead of pushing up. I look like crazy frog when I try to do them. Today was another class at the gym, tone I think it was. It was so hot sweaty, and I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I’m really going to feel that in the morning.

Yesterday was another fast day. As my plans were cancelled, and it was so rainy I couldn’t be bothered to make any more, I just sat in and watched cooking shows and boring TV. This doesn’t help when you’re hungry.I wonder how long it’ll take me to get sick of porridge/weetabix, yogurt and chicken/tuna salad. But I have to think of my holiday ahead.

It’s not just that. I need to get healthier, and as annoying as fasting is, it is giving me a bit of routine.


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