I Finally Found My Calling

Yesterday was my little sister’s birthday, I say little, she’s 17. Anyway we had a BBQ/party for her and I helped with a lot of the food. I’ve never been the greatest cook. I’m impatient, clumsy and forgetful, which isn’t a great mix. But I really enjoyed it. Making birthday cakes and skewers, and of course my famous wedges. I say mine, I stole them from an old friend at uni, but she stole a lot more than that so I can be forgiven.

It got me thinking in my merry (not drunken) state that I’d make a great caterer. Maybe great is a strong word. But it’d be so fun to be a party organiser. I’m obsessed with those wedding shows so maybe I’d make a good wedding planner, if they wanted wedges served at the dinner. Maybe I’d make a better kid’s party organiser. I love jelly. But I’m picky with the types of children I like. I hate wobbly teeth, they freak me out, and those kids that just stare. So maybe not.

I guess it’s something that needs to be put on the back burner for a while. I’ll stick to family parties for now…

By the way, is it just me or are iPads really hard to type on? I think I’m typing well then I look up to see random sentences. But the autocorrect is pretty good so I can’t complain.


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