First Hangover in Ages

Last week I was ill and feeling a bit down. So this week I’ve been getting back to the gym and had my first night out in ages yesterday.

Today I have been paying or it. I woke up with the worst headache that lasted well into the afternoon. But it was a pretty cheap night out so I can’t really complain. Being out with my sisters isn’t quite the same as Uni times, but it was nice to let my hair down for a bit. I feel like I’ve really turned into a boring grump lately, with too much thinking about jobs and the future, and not enough fun.

As for the gym, earlier in the week I decided to ease into it. I didn’t last very long, but at least I got myself going again. I also went to a class with my mom, which I really struggled with. I’m hoping to get back on track after holiday.

.. And actually my head still hurts. I’m turning into an old woman.


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