I’m Feeling Happy Today…

… which is weird for me.

I’ve never been a very happy person. It’s not that I’m a sad person, there just has to be something worth being happy about before I crack a smile. Yet it doesn’t take much to put me in a bad mood, which is why this is a strange day.

I had an injection in my bum, found the perfect coat (and didn’t buy it), went to work, ran for the bus home, ate tea, and had a bath. That’s it, no reason to be sad, but no reason to be particularly happy. But I’ve just been going through the day being quite smiley. I hate smiley people usually.

I’ve been ill the past week or so, just  a cold, but it’s really annoyed me. I woke up at half past one this morning in a total tantrum because my nose was so blocked that I couldn’t breathe. But I woke up at eight and just got straight up. I never do that.

At the moment I have a headache that’s been going on and off for over a week, but no, I can’t muster a grumpy huff. I’ve never been a joyful kind of girl so I’m not exactly sitting here grinning (the laptop screen is too bright), but I thought that I had to share with the world, or the few readers, that I’m happy…. for no reason.

Here’s a picture of my cat, JB, which I think shows pretty much exactly how I’m feeling.

I wonder if this will be a regular thing for me. Maybe I’m beginning to become content with my life. Or maybe I’ve taken too many painkillers over the past couple of weeks. I guess we’ll have to see.


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