Morning Dreams..

This morning I had the best lie-in I’d had in ages. As yesterday was the last day of my job I no longer have to worry about early mornings, and the night before last was our Christmas work night out, so gosh was I tired!

Anyway, at about half past ten as I was drifting in and out of sleep I had a weird dream that I was in the fitting room of a shop (it looked pricey) being twirled around by a guy who was telling me the dress I was wearing looked so good on me he would have to buy it. It was only short, but this was a nice dream as nothing like would ever happen to me in real life.

That dream was then quickly followed by another on where I was being chased by an unseen creature. I managed to escape by jumping down a hole. Just like in the movies it switched from a scene where we were waiting quietly at the bottom of  this hole we’d jumped down, to the sounds of the guy that got left behind being ripped apart. Of course you didn’t see anything, my brain shields me from anything too gruesome in my morning dreams. In fact the whole thing was just like a bad movie trailer.

But it’s so strange, I always remember my morning dreams. I not sure that I’m even fully asleep during them as it doesn’t take much to wake me up and I sounds around me sometimes seem to interfere. It’s like those times where you feel like you’ve just blinked, and an hour has passed.

Yet with my usual night-time dreams I can wake up in a cold sweat, terrified, but not really remember what happened.

I’ve always thought that my imagination was too strong for my own good. I can imagine a thousand bad scenarios out of thin air, and I do drift off into my own world way too much.

But I’ve just had a thought that maybe my dreams aren’t just random. Maybe my horrible morning dream was my brain’s way of telling me it was time to get up, because I do find it hard to drag myself out of bed at the best of times. So I think that’s enough lying in for me.

On another note, I have an interview on Wednesday (well it’s more like a  pre-interview meeting) for a Library Assistant job. I’m quite excited because part of it is talking about a book of my choice. One thing I know is books, but I need to make sure the nerves don’t get the better of me.

I’ll be reporting back on that later. But for now, I’m going to wrap some Christmas presents!


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