It’s Not The End of the World

First of all I’d like to say that this isn’t a post about the end of the world… But it felt like it a couple of days ago.

I was worrying about the library interview all day, as I’m not very good at talking in front of crowds. I arrived early and did a short test where I had to put authors and books into alphabetical and number order. So far so good.

Then we were all shown into a room where we were told that we had two minutes to talk about a book of our choice. I wasn’t sure if the time limit was good or bad, but I did feel a bit sorry for the woman next to me who had written pages of notes. I thought I was we’ll prepared with a few notes. But as each person took their turn I became more and more nervous. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I am terrible at these ‘show and tell’ situations. Of course I had to be last, and by then my stomach was in knots. I can’t even tell you what I said because I don’t really remember. But what I do remember is my blank mind, my inability to get my words out and the way I froze mid-sentence when the alarm rang to tell me I’d run out of time. Then I rushed out into the rain as soon as the meeting was over, and soaked my feet. The one thing I hate more than talking in front of people is wet feet..l

I’m not expecting a invitation for a follow-up interview in the new year. This is why I write, and don’t talk.

I was really down for a couple of days. But everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I guess I need to start focusing on my strengths.


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