A World of Whiners

Watching TV, all we see is we’re too fat, we’re too thin, we’re jobless, we work too hard.. blah blah.

I am terrible for doing this too. I spend time moping about what I want, dreaming of a future, happier me, and thinking that I’ll never get there. But who’s fault is it? Is it just how life is? We wont get what we want and its tough. That can’t be true as so many people do get what they want.

My horoscope told me that I should look at where I want to be and work backwards. It’s so much harder to do things when you don’t see an end in sight. So here’s where I want to be. I want to be an accomplished writer, a journalist, and eventually a sub-editor. But where do I want to end up? I keep thinking of moving to London, but that’s not where I want to be in the end. I want to bring up a family in the country.

That’s where I want to end up, a cosy cottage, a job that isn’t too high pressure, a nice family, and an adventure in between. Now I just need to work backwards. But I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Thought for this week: Think realism, not pessimism.

I’ve tried to start looking at things in different ways. I was really struggling with the ’15-minutes-a-day’ writing. So I decided to get out of the house yesterday. Sitting in Morrison’s cafe with a cup of tea, I got some real writing done. By real writing I mean not just random thoughts from my brain. There was some sort of order. I’m not sure if it was a long poem, or part of a short story. But when going over it I felt pretty good. It didn’t look like complete trash.

So it turns out that I write better when I have a bit of noise in the background. The good thing  about supermarkets is that there’s usually enough of a buzz of noise to stop my mind from wandering. Also, that timer wasn’t doing much for my nerves so I decided that writing until the flow stops,  checking the time, and carrying on, works better.

I’ve found a short creative writing course, which I am planning to enrol on. What I need is to be around (hopefully) like-minded people. Also, I have a couple of ideas for articles to send to online publications. So I hope that will go well.

As usual I’m applying to millions (a slight exaggeration) of journalism-based internships. But I’m really thinking that a move to London  is going to have to be planned sooner rather than later. I keep hoping that one of the companies in London will accept me. But I really think the fact that I don’t live there is hindering me. How do you make people understand that you’d move in a heartbeat if you were offered something?

There’s me whining again. So I’ll end before I get annoying.


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