Review: Girls

On first impressions, this is a slightly cringey series full of stereotypes, that I would be embarrassed to watch with anyone around. But believe me, once you see it you just won’t be able to look away. For those of you who have never watched Girls, it is a TV series from America, set in New York, which was created by and starring Lena Dunham. It was shown on Sky Atlantic late last year in the UK, and HBO last April in America. It follows a group of girls who are trying to sort out their lives in the real world after University.

There’s Hannah, an aspiring writer who can’t hold down a job, Adam (Adam Driver), the weird guy she’s sleeping with, who we only see in his flat with his top off for the first few episodes. Hannah’s best friend Marnie is the girl who has everything, the job, the money, and perfect boyfriend. Except she’s the one paying all of the bills and she can’t stand him. We have the virgin, the Bohemian girl who’s a bit of a tramp and the now-gay ex-boyfriend, just to name a few stereotypical characters.

Girls: Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Hannah (Lena Dunham), Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) (left to right)    

The series starts with Hannah being told by her parents that they won’t support her any more. From there it goes from laughter to squirming in your seat and back again throughout each episode. With so many story lines going on you would think it would be hard to keep up. However they do all fit together. It is a very well written series, with so many twists and turns, that hard not to feel involved in the characters’ lives.

If you only watch one episode, make it episode 4, ‘Hannah’s Diary.’ With her diary being used in Marnie’s boyfriend’s song, an uncomfortable situation with a new boss who like to touch people inappropriately and Shoshanna (the virgin) almost losing her virginity, it is one of the most awkward but funny episodes.

The only way I can describe this series is as a prequel to Sex and the City meets Skins. There’s some of the strangest sex scenes allowed on TV, the usual drinking and parties, and the girls trying to figure out themselves in between. I switched between loving and hating the characters so much that I was an emotional mess at the end of the series. The only word for the last episode is ‘what?’ There’s a marriage, a break up, dancing, drinking, and our main character Hannah ends the series eating cake on the beach after falling asleep on the train and getting her bag stolen.

The second series of Girls starts this Monday (14th January) in the UK on Sky Atlantic HD at 10pm, and looking at the adverts it is set to be just as funny, and even more bizarre. I’m almost ashamed of myself for getting caught up in yet another American comedy. But I really have never seen anything like it (and not sure that I want to). I truly believe I hated it for the first few episodes, but I just couldn’t stop watching.


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