Looking Forward

I’m the kind of person who likes to be working on a few things at once. So as soon as I say I’m going to write some reviews, I get ideas for other things that suddenly become urgent in my head.

But of course I have been working on some book reviews, and one game review. I thought I’d try a new thing as the gaming industry seems to be very male-orientated. Also every time I tell my boyfriend that I’m playing on the Xbox, his reaction is , “Awww.”

Anyway, I’ll post  a book review later, and learn to work on one thing at a time.

But back to the other things I’ve been working on. The main things are career-based so I think I can be excused for them. I’ve spent so much time on my online portfolio that it has made my head spin. It’s looking close to how I want at the moment, but maybe still a bit basic. Also, I’ve been making my CV look more interesting, because don’t you think they look so plain most of the time?

Finally, I created my mind-map of my goals, aspirations, and hopefully my future. I’m quite proud of it. There’s detail, back up plans, and lots of arrows. All I need now is to start following it.


Sorry I forgot about this. February’s Zest. That’s my name right there. Ok, it’s not a feature, article or even a letter. But I guess they liked what I had to say. Even if it was only six words. I hope they don’t just choose them at random. Plus I have an unusual name, which is hopefully memorable.


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