I Saw the Strangest Thing Today..

Sitting in a cafe daydreaming, I noticed a bunch of shopping trolleys with metal bars sticking out. I thought it was strange until an old lady tried to push her trolley out of the shop and failed. There was a metal bar across the top of the door stopping her. I know it’s not exactly the Twilight Zone, but I’ve never seen it before. It made me giggle.

Usually you see the ‘do not try to push your trolley through this point’ signs around supermarkets. It was different and seems to be a lot more effective. I may be odd for saying this but things like that which make me smile sometimes. I tried to take a picture without anyone noticing but people started to look at me weirdly.

The first five days of February have been a mixed so far. I started on Friday by going back to Stoke where I went to University. I’ve been meaning to catch up with friends and it was great seeing them again. But, as I got the train home, I got that strange sinking feeling, quite similar to how I used to feel walking to school on snowy days knowing someone would put a snowball in my pocket while I wasn’t looking.

But I had to drag myself out of bed today was the day that I had to go to an induction for a course that I really didn’t want to do. It’s some sort of customer service course.  It turned out to be a lot better than expected though. There was a lot of talk about behaviour, attitude and attributes. I’ve been so worried about not having what employers are looking for that I didn’t realise that it may be showing in my behaviour.

I like being around people a lot more than I used to. I realise that is a strange thing to say, but I really liked to keep myself to myself when I was younger. Isn’t it strange that we hold on to certain things from our childhood? We assume that they are still part of our personality, when we have actually changed a lot.

When is the last time you have looked at your personality closely, instead of just believing what you were told as a child?


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