Early Mornings, Interviews and Fasting

It sounds like such a nice combination doesn’t it? No, not really.

But to be honest, moaning aside, I think it is doing me good. I’ve only been to the training twice (because of my interview yesterday but I’ll get to that), but I’m starting to feel really good. So much of what they teach is common sense, but on the other hand it almost feels like a therapy session.

We do silly little activities and a bit of written work, so it balances my brain out well. I even started to take a bit of a leadership role in the task. We had to build a bridge out of paper, straws, plastic cups and Sellotape. Ours completely broke, but so did one of the others groups, and it was all good fun. A personality test also told me a bit about myself.

The nicest thing was, after helping me prepare for my interview at the end of the training on Monday, as soon as I walked through the door the trainer asked me how it went. Not only did she spend about 20 minutes talking to me about interviews and boosting my confidence, but she wanted to know all about it after. There needs to be more people like this in our world. She automatically makes you feel like you’re a better person, and points out your strengths without pointless flattery. I know it’s her job, but she definitely goes above and beyond. It sounds like I’m developing a lady-crush.

It’s all definitely worth getting up at half past 6, to catch the bus at half past 7, and finally get there for 9am (no I’m not a morning person). But seriously the early mornings can’t be that bad for me. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I have been learning to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, thanks to her, and myself (yes I am a pretty good person after all), the interview seemed to go well. I felt quite over prepared as I wasn’t asked all of the questions I thought I’d be. Although I arrived quite flustered (I got lost), I’d given myself plenty of time to get there. I calmed myself down and actually had a chance to talk and find out if it was the job for me, without just panicking about if I was good enough.

I know it’s a job I can do as it is mainly interviewing people and writing business profiles. It’s not exactly the type of writing I’d like to permanently do. Nevertheless it sounds interesting. At the moment I’m feeling like I would be very happy to get the job but I’m not going to have a nervous breakdown and think I’m a crappy journalist if I don’t. I think that’s a breakthrough for me.

As for the fasting, there’s not much to tell. My first fast day was Monday. It went very well and I didn’t think about food until I got home. I hadn’t told my mom that I was fasting and she’d made a cake. I had the sudden craving for it because it smelt so good. I even contemplated quitting then, eating the cake, then doing two more fast days this week. I realised I was being ridiculous, used my last calories on a bowl of porridge (no sugar) and went to bed.

I did have cake for breakfast. But I definitely wouldn’t say I overate the next day to compensate. So it looks like everything is going well.

My aspiration of the month.

Picture from here.


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