Living for the Weekend

I never thought that I’d become one of those ‘live for the weekend’ kind of people. But here I am on a Sunday night finally getting round to writing this up. I’ve been spending my weekend doing as little as possible, catching up on the TV I’ve recorded throughout the week, going to the cinema, and trying to stay as relaxed as possible.

But I am glad that I’m not one of those people who are dreading going to work tomorrow. Although I’m not quite used to the early mornings and travelling, I’m really enjoying my job, and my first payday is getting closer by the day.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never really had the 9 to 5 working family so I’ve never really seen how life fits around it. Also, since school I have always chosen courses (not by purpose btw) that had more home-working hours. In my last year of university most weeks I only had one lecture to go to. The only times I got up early were for holidays, to buy gig tickets before all the good seats were taken, and for special occasions. But it was never really a regular thing.That’s all changed now and I’m a lot happier about it than I thought I’d be.  Since graduating I’ve had more free time than ever (except that short Xmas job at Hootys) and I’ll be the first to admit that I wasted it. Without targets and deadlines I seemed to crumble.

I also spent a lot of time worrying about what would happen when I did get a job. I wouldn’t have time for anything or anyone. But I’m beginning to realise it won’t be that way. I’m getting a lot more organised, and figuring out what I have time for, who I need to make time for, and what can wait.
The first step...I can be a scattered person at times. But with this one thing set out for me I can fill the rest of the time how I want to, and I know at the end of every day I have achieved something. The fact that I have less time to daydream means that when something interesting pops into my head I want to make sure I write it down and make it into something.

Also I’ve started writing in my notepad again. After staring at a computer screen for hours a day my eyes need a break, and I have been spending less time aimlessly browsing the web. But it’s not just that, the ideas always come faster when I’m writing, rather than typing. It’s as if they flow out of the pen with the ink at times.

So maybe I’m not living for the weekend after all, and maybe I’ll finally get to work on that novel.

(edit.. I realised that this was a whole load of writing that may have got rambly at times, so I’ve stuck in a little aspirational picture for you guys. Hopefully it’s not too cheesy like the usual ones.)


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