A Note to the Snow…


We’ve been seeing a lot of you lately, and I want to sound mean, but you’re beginning to out-stay your welcome.

We used to have this nice tradition where you’d arrive just as I was leaving Uni for Christmas. But we waited and waited for you in December, and you never came. In fact, I think you waited until the New Year to make an appearance, and I finally got to make that snow angel.

Maybe you’re trying to compensate. But this is getting ridiculous. We saw a day of Spring a couple of weeks ago. I sat and ate a waffle with ice cream outside on my break at work. But you came back.

It looks like you may be melting. But then again, it looked that way yesterday. Then you fell silently during the night, and carried on all day.

You’re disrupting our lives, and I really hate having wet feet. I have to get on the tram tomorrow, and you know our public transport here in England isn’t great at the best of times. Easter is coming next week. We want to see some daffodils and smell that nice freshly cut grass smell. So give us a break, please?

See you next Christmas.


A pretty crap picture, I’m sorry, of the snowman/lady I made with my sister the first time it snowed this year.


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