April Showers

Being British there are two things I love, talking about the weather and complaining. If I get a chance to complain about the weather, well that just makes my day. I welcomed the rain after all this snow we’ve been having, even when we were promised some sunshine today. Silly me ignored those grey clouds and decided to wear a little denim jacket, and of course I got wet.

Also, looking in the mirror lately I’ve noticed that I have become quite pale. I’m starting to look like a ghost of my former self, and don’t get me started on the condition of my skin. I’m currently trying every cleanser, scrub and moisturiser. But I know the problem; I need some sunlight.

On a brighter note (see what I did there :)) work is going well. It really isn’t the type of journalism I thought I’d be doing. But constantly writing, and having an editor, is teaching me a lot. My grammar has always been pretty good. But, like a lot of people, I have avoided the annoying things such as semi-colons. I like my writing to flow, and they’ve always seemed like an unnecessary burden. But in some cases, especially in formal writing, I can see why they’re used.

Also, the volume of writing I am doing  is highlighting the usual mistakes I make. The way my editor sometimes rephrases my sentences is showing me that although it may not have been wrong in the first place, there’s another way to do it. It may be better, or it may just be different. Hopefully the things I’m learning can pass into my other writing. Practice can only lead to improvement. (I don’t believe in practice makes perfect)

In between sending emails and writing profiles I’ve been doing some research for blog posts (Not while I’m supposed to be working obviously). I spend a lot of time on news sites lately, mainly The Guardian, and I’ve seen a lot of interesting student-based articles. I haven’t contributed to my other blog, Girl’s Guide to Uni, in a long time. So I think the few readers that are left deserve a few posts.

As it looks like I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while too I’m going to queue a few articles up while I can think of some interesting subjects that I actually want to write about. I need to transfer some of the ideas from my notebook onto here. Sometimes I think of a couple of ideas at once, but don’t want to put too much into one post. I’ve seen some (more dedicated bloggers than me) queue up posts for while they’re on holiday. So why haven’t I decided to queue up posts before?


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