I Really Want This Hat

This is just a short post that I meant to send last night. But I fell asleep watching Frasier.

I finally had chance to start reading the new issue of Cosmopolitan on Friday, and I came across this hat. It practically jumped out of the page at me.

All weekend I’ve been obsessing over how much I want it. But I’ve just booked a holiday, I’m supposed to be saving money for when I eventually move out, and payday isn’t until tomorrow (like that’s ever stopped me).

I’ve never been one to follow trends. My friends call my fashion sense ‘quirky,’ which is just a nice way of saying weird. But when something like this jumps out at me my brain goes into overdrive. Plus what’s more quirky than a hat with ears? So I’m asking for some advice.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.


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