National Honesty Day

If you didn’t know already, today is National Honesty Day.

I think I’m a pretty honest person. But I believe that anyone who says that they never tell even the tiniest lies are.. well… lying.

Little white lies can save embarrassment, and people’s feelings. Most of us use them day-to-day, to reassure people, or even ourselves, to make ourselves look more interesting by slightly embellishing a story. The lie I tell most is: “sorry I’m not from here,” when people ask me for directions. That’s a combination of laziness and the fact that I’m crap at giving directions. But it doesn’t take much for little lies to spiral into bigger and bigger ones.

I personally hate being lied to, mainly because I can’t stand being kept in the dark. What frustrates me is the actual fact that I am being lied to, however insignificant the actual lie is. Although, I have lied to spare people’s feelings, I would never, for example let a friend buy something that was completely unflattering, or reassure them that their relationship was going to last forever when it was quite obviously on the rocks. At some points I may be too honest. But I’d hope that my friends would show me the same honesty.

I could write about honesty in relationships until my fingers go numb. But I know I’d be a complete hypocrite, as I stayed in my last relationship for months after it was so obviously over – telling someone you love them when you don’t is a horrible thing that I would not wish anyone to be on the receiving end of.

Without going into too much detail about my current relationship,the problems are more about holding things back than actual lies, which can be just as damaging. But after my recent realisation that my anxiety alarms are going off a lot more than is healthy, I have decided that it’s good to let all of those thoughts that have been getting tangled in my head out. I have to admit that most of that is being met by a blank look from my boyfriend. But in the spirit of National Honesty Day and beyond, I believe it is best for everyone.

What lies do you tell? Or is lying completely unacceptable?


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