Some Sunny Poetry…

Here’s some sunny poetry for you. I’m not a poet. But I do enjoy poetry and creative writing when I’m not trying to be a journalist.

I’ll start off with these Haiku poems I wrote earlier while sunbathing. I haven’t quite grasped Haikus, but they’ve always been one if my favourite types of poetry (along with limericks).

Heat burning my feet
A slight breeze cooling the air
It’s summer at last.

A sweet fruit cocktail
There is no blue like the sky
Colours of summer.

Where are my sunnies?
Sweating off my sun lotion
Gosh it’s bloody hot!

These were just some thoughts that ended up rhyming…

She lay back in the sun
Heat on her skin
Eyes closed
Soaking it in.

Hat, sunnies and sandals
And a good book
Can’t sit out for too long
Or she’ll start to cook.


I make myself chuckle even if I don’t make anyone else. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun as much as me. 🙂


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