Failed Fledglings

This new label, ‘Failed Fledglings,’ has been all over Twitter today. If you haven’t heard it, it basically means adults still living with their parents. A survey by Saga said that there are over 3 million of us (I refuse to use that silly alliteration again) ‘imposing’ on our parents.

First, I’d like to say that the article in Cosmopolitan hasn’t done us any favours. I can’t judge a 30-year-old for still living with her parents because I can’t truly say what I’ll be doing in eight years. But the sentence “Yes, my parents might still be footing the bill for stocking the fridge” completely kills any argument you may have. For god’s sake buy your own shopping! Even I go out and get the essentials sometimes.

So I’d like to tell it from my point of view.

I moved away to Uni when I was 18. I always assumed I’d find somewhere to live when I graduated. But in my third year it became obvious that I would have to move home. I applied for so many jobs and internships, but now I see that I should have got more experience while I was still at Uni.

I got a job in March this year, and put my name down on a couple of housing lists, which is a lot harder than I thought. My local housing group wont let you put your name down for a house unless you are actually homeless!

Anyway, it has been a hard transition for me, and my parents I guess. There have been arguments (mainly about washing up), tears, and slammed doors. But now I have a job, and can pay rent, I feel like I am really contributing to the house.

I sleep in a box room. There’s enough room for a single bed, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers, with not much floor space. I’ve managed to fit my TV on a table under the window so I can watch Frasier before I go to sleep. My boyfriend isn’t allowed to sleep round, and I can’t stay at his. But we get around that by staying in a hotel room every month or so (see there are upsides of living at home).

My parents cook my tea. But sometimes I do cook for them. It’s nice to sit and watch TV in the evening with my mom and the cat. I usually get my mornings to myself because I have to be up for work. Also, we have massive garden, which houses don’t really get anymore (and I certainly wouldn’t have one if I had a flat).

I plan to go travelling next year, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I had my own place to look after. Any extra money I have can go into savings, so maybe, eventually, I’ll be able to put a deposit down on a house.

So don’t feel sorry for us ‘failed fledglings,’ or our parents. We’re not all dossers who sleep all day (although I did have my moments), and maybe some parents enjoy having their children around a little longer than usual.


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