Write Around Town – A Poem: How to Hide Your Buried Treasure

Write around Town is a page on Twitter where they write prompts for inspiration. Basically they are going through every letter of the alphabet, choosing a word, and writing a prompt from that.

Today is ‘g’ and they’ve chosen garden – Write about a character burying something in the garden. Write the piece as a list of instructions.

I decided to write a poem for children because I used to read a lot of poetry when I was younger. As I got older, I found poetry becoming too serious, with too many rules. Poetry should be fun with rhymes.

How to Hide Your Buried Treasure

First choose the perfect spot, in your garden, field or plot.
 There’s a space behind a tree, a place where no one else can see.

Cut the grass out, nice and neat, to hide your treasure underneath.
Dig a hole deep and wide, to put your precious things inside.

It’s time to fill the hole back in, goodbye to all your precious things.
Place the grass back on top, stamp it down, don’t miss a spot.

Your treasure buried in the ground, I promise you, it won’t be found.
Your special things, all wrapped together,
Hidden from the world forever.


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