Review: After Earth

Will Smith, and his son, Jaden, are starting to make a pretty good film duo.

After Earth is another one of the many futuristic films that we’ve been bombarded with. The difference is, humans are the ones who have moved to another planet because they’ve ruined their own (a bit too close to the truth for my liking). So it’s no wonder that a bunch of angry aliens have evolved into fear-smelling killers to get rid of them.

Earth is a complete no-go zone as humans can’t even breathe the air anymore and the whole planet freezes over at night (what?). But inevitably, on a routine space trip, out of every planet in the whole of space father and son, Cypher (Will Smith) and Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) manage to crash-land back where? – Earth of course!

This is the first thing that is annoying about these kinds of films – Why is everyone dead when they crash except for the main characters? The father I can understand as he is the ‘Legendary General’. But wasn’t anyone else trained for this sort of disaster?

Moving on, I expected Will Smith to play a more active role in the film. That was crushed in the crash along with his legs. But Jaden took the lead role very well. He seems to have decided to become a more serious actor a lot earlier in his career than his father (but who didn’t love The Fresh Prince of Belair?)

The general storyline could have been better. How many films have there been with some kid blaming themselves for [insert family member here]’s death or trying to prove something to their fathers (maybe if they were around more instead of swanning around the galaxy….). But as a futuristic action films go, it could have been worse, and Will and Jaden have great chemistry as you’d hope a father and son would.

There is a part of the film that just didn’t make sense to me at all. I hate spoilers, so I’m just going to say it involved Kitai’s friendship with a giant bird that started off trying to kill him, but ended up thinking he was its baby (or something weird like that?).

Without that bird the film would not have ended well, but seriously people stop giving animals too much personality in your films! Except if the film has talking animals – then anything goes, because once you’ve decided that animals can talk, realism isn’t really what you’re going for.

But I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, or what’s going on in the head of the writers. Maybe that bird did develop some kind of personality. Even though the baboons seemed to just be angry arseholes.

So overall, it is a pretty good film if you like that sort of thing. It wasn’t too long, like a lot of action films are lately. The special effects were great. Although that’s what we all expect these days.

But to be honest… I just wanted to go see Despicable Me 2 (Review coming soon when I finally get to see it!)


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