Review: Sealed With a Kiss

Sealed With a Kiss is the story of Kate, who finds out (on a friend’s wedding day) that her relationship with ‘boring Ian’ is over. In fact it’s been over for a while.

Faced with the thought of moving back to her mother’s, she instead takes a job as a Friday Girl in exchange for a cottage on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor. She decided that she’s giving up men for a year and getting a dog. But she doesn’t even really know what a Friday Girl is.

Arriving on the island, Kate soon finds out that it’s one of those ‘close communities’ where everybody knows everybody else’s business. But it’s a friendly island with breathtaking views, and is just what she needs (it sounds like just what we all need!).

Sealed with a Kiss has so many small storylines that entwine into one. But at no point does the book get confusing because the storylines fit together so well.

As well as the main story of Kate living on the island, trying (and failing) to stay away from men while fixing up cottages, there is the story of her best friend’s struggle through the pregnancy she’s been dreaming of for years. Then there’s the key moment when Kate’s mother’s visit to the island helps them to rebuild their relationship.

The character Kate is very believable and likeable modern woman.  She’s charming, funny and a bit clumsy at times. But most importantly, she is relatable. She does what a lot of people wish they could, and decides to completely change her life path.

She grows as a character throughout the book, and by middle you can pretty much guess where her story is going. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes the book enjoyable, and even though it has some serious moments, it’s never hard to read. The pace of the book stays pretty much the same throughout too, which makes it easy to pick back up if you can ever bring yourself to put it down.

This is the kind of book for someone who needs a bit of escapism. Although it can be described as chicklit, there’s something different about it. It’s not the typical girly love story. It is refreshing to read a book where the female character is able to get on with her life without constantly pining for a man. There is adventure, without too many twists and turns. By the end you will be ready to pack your bags and move to Auchenmor.

Sealed with a Kiss is the debut novel of Rachael Lucas. Hopefully it is the first of many (sequel please?).

It is currently £1.53 on Kindle at Amazon.


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