Birmingham International Food Fair

On, Wednesday (14th August), the International Food Fair arrived in Birmingham. I just popped out on my break for work, planning to get some chips (as I’d completely forgotten about it), and was confused at all of the stalls for a moment.

Starting at Paradise Forum (by the old library), continuing down through town, all the way down to near Waterstones (New St) was the strangest mix of food stalls I had ever seen. It filled the space where the German Market stands at Christmas.

There were food stalls, sweets, pastries, bread, ice cream… so many things  I can’t list them. You can almost smell the food cooking in this picture, and it smelt amazing. I think this was some sort of paella.

A lot of the stores did look pretty expensive. But I managed to get this Chicken Chow Mein for just £3.

I also got a selection of sweet treats from this Italian stall (below). There was so much to choose from, I couldn’t pick what I wanted. In the end one of nice men on the stall gave me some almondy-type thing to try. I ended up taking a weird selection, including what looked like a pasty filled with Nutella and a spring roll stuffed with pistachio cream.

There were a few stalls selling unusual things, like Kangaroo burgers and Horse steaks. So if you want to try something weird and wonderful, you’ll have to go down and have a look. This is the list from Exotic Game.

Here are a few more pictures I managed to take through the crowds. People were loving this stall.

I’m not sure I’ll be trying any chilli jam. But I am very curious about the Medieval Pye stall.

So many different types of olives. I don’t like them personally. but there’s enough to feed everyone here.

This is just one of the bread and pastry stores.

..And here is a tart for every taste.

Of if you’d prefer the healthy strawberry and chocolate option..

I want this sweet stall in my garden!

Turkish Delight! My favourite!

There’s also somewhere to sit and taste the food you’ve bought… Or have a nice drink.

Go and have a look for yourself if my great photography skills haven’t convinced you. You’ve got just over a week, and it’s sunny at the moment. Also, if anyone feels like bringing me a coffee and a crepe at work, feel free.

The Birmingham International Food Fair runs from 14-26 August, 10am -9.30pm daily in Victoria and Chamberlain Squares and Upper New Street.


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