Writing Prompt: Name That… You.

Just because I quite enjoy Writing Prompts.. Here’s one from: The Jittery Goat Blog

Daily Prompt: Name that… You! – Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you?

Here’s my piece.. story.. whatever.. (written in approx. 20 minutes)

The Bundle in the Park




“What? No!”

“Annie, Lucy, Becky, Jenny…” my sister carried on.

“Stop,” I said, “You’re just listing your friends’ names!”

“So?” my sister shrugged looking over at the little bundle in my arms.

“So,” I imitated, “I don’t want my baby to be named after one of your stupid friends.”

“Well you can’t keep her anyway,” she said.

“Who says?” I said, turning away from her.

“Erm… The law. It’s not your baby,” she laughed.

“I found her!” I exclaimed.

“This isn’t like finding a tenner in the gutter, “She shook her head at me; “It’s a bloody baby!”

“Well who leaves a baby on a park bench anyway?” I sighed.

“I dunno. Maybe a young woman was running away from someone, and wrapped up her little bundle, leaving her on a park bench to pick up later when it was safe,” she whispered, acting out her made-up scene.

“Then she was captured!” she shouted, jumping on the bench, “Now she’s somewhere tied up in the back of a lorry pining for her baby, but she can’t make a sound because she’s been gagged with her own scarf!”

“What? You idiot,” I laughed shaking my head, “Where did that come from? It was probably just some kid who lives nearby. You know what the people round here are like.”

“So what are we gonna do?” she said, stepping down.

“Can’t we take her home?” I pleaded.

“No! She’s not a bloody puppy!” my sister said, crossing her arms.

“But she’s so cute,” I said cradling the baby, “What if she’s hurt, or sick? We should take her to the hospital, or police station.”

The baby started to fidget and yawn, opening her eyes. Then she started to make a rumbling noise, which turned into a piercing cry.

“Oh god, here take her!” I said giving the baby to my sister, who held her out at arm’s length.

“Eww you smell little babba,” she said, wrinkling up her nose, “Come on Stinky, the Police Station’s only up the road.”

“I bet that name’ll sick,” I said walking behind.

My sister laughed, “So much for motherhood…”



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