It’s Time to Start Crossing Things Off the List

I’ve been looking at my 30 Before 30 list for the past couple of days, trying to work out what to put for numbers 17 – 29. Then I realised that, even though I’ve started some of them, I haven’t actually crossed one off. So it’s time to get moving, finish the list, and start doing stuff.

Number 9 – Go for Sushi. It isn’t exactly hard. Maybe I should just pop down to Yo! Sushi after work one day. I’m kind of intrigued by food on a conveyor belt. But I imagined a posh, over-priced restaurant where I order things I’d never heard of. I can always do that after I suppose.

Number 12 – Learn to Drive. I’ve been putting this one off for a while. But, as public transport will eventually give me a nervous breakdown, I decided it is time. I have my first driving lesson tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Number 8 – Visit a fortune-teller. I don’t really believe in spiritual stuff. But I have always been curious as to what they would say. but where exactly do you find a fortune-teller these days. I want a good one (if there is such a thing) so I had better get Googling.

Number 11 – Complete my TEFL course. I’m not exactly on track with this one. But I have been doing it. I just need to find more time, and remember why I’m doing it.

Now for some new additions to the list

17. Write a Novel – How is this one not already on there? I’ve been practising my short stories a lot more, and getting some feedback. But it’s time to start planning the novel. Maybe I should take a course or find a writing group.

18. Teach English – There’s not much point in doing the course if I don’t.

19. Go to a festival – Every year I say I’ll go. But I never do. The thought of mud, and a tent instead of my nice, cosy bed has kept me away. But next year will be the year.. of the year after.

20. Buy a Mini – I just really want one. They’re so cute. I’ll be able to afford one eventually.

21. Get the complete set of Mr Men books for my future children – I bought an almost complete set of Mr Men books from one of my neighbours. There are two books missing. I can’t stand to have an incomplete set. But this should be an easy one to do in the next couple of weeks.

22. Get the complete collection of Enid Blyton books I used to read as a child – I think most of them are in the loft. But I want to replace some of the ripped ones and display them properly.

So that’s it for now.. Time to get started..


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