Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive / Monday Blues

I’m always in a bad mood on a Monday. But this Monday two very rude sales people, my freezing cold work office and the fact that my hair didn’t go blue on the ends has put me in a particularly bad mood – so I wasn’t going to bother doing a post.

Then this little story cheered me up – Tommy’s Deal With The Devil; Kind Of Funny When You Think About It (short fiction). The Jittery Goat Blog is great for short stories. They usually give me a giggle.

So I’m pulling myself out of my bad mood.. and I did decide to do a writing prompt every Monday.. so here we are.. it’s Monday. I don’t want to promise things on here then give it up.. don’t want to lose the few readers I have, do I?

So thank you Jittery Goat Blogger…. I decided to do a poem for a change. It’s so hard to rhyme sometimes.. Feedback as usual is welcomed? I’m thinking aimed at children.. as most of my poetry is pretty childlike..

Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Sight Hearing Smell Taste Touch

If you really had to choose
which one of five would you lose?

Would you swap the gift of sound
to see for miles and miles around?

Or say goodbye to your vision
to hear each sound with precision?

If you could smell but could not taste
would eating just feel like a waste?

Or would you rather sacrifice
your sense of feeling for that price?

What if you’d never smell again
but feel each droplet in the rain?

Could you really pick or choose
which one of five you would lose?


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