Books, Books and More Books

Yesterday was my first visit to the Library of Birmingham. It’s so shiny and new! Some people have said that the building is ugly. But I think it’s beautiful, and kind of looks like you can climb it. Why shouldn’t a library stand out? I think it fits with its surroundings well.


…and here’s my new library card!

DSC_0270 (1)

Today I’m going to get my first book out and I’m pretty excited. There’s just something about libraries and bookshops that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They’re usually so peaceful, yet exciting. Plus this one has wifi, cafes and so many floors. Apparently there’s an amazing view from the roof too.

This post is mainly just to celebrate books, reading, bookshops and libraries. When I need a pick-me-up on my break at work I usually go into the Waterstones on New Street. Even if I don’t buy anything, it just feels nice in there, wandering between the books. Also it’s a beautiful building that you should check out if you’re ever in Birmingham.

When I was ay Uni our library was open 24 hours. Although most of the shelves were filled with information books, it was nice to just walk around picking up random ones off the shelves. I  prefer old building for libraries and bookshops. It just makes them more magical.

I found this post yesterday – The Joy of a Bookshop – that made me so happy that people still feel the way I do about books. In a world filled with technology, computer games and ebooks, we still need out libraries and bookshops.

Also, next week is the start of the Birmingham Literature Festival. I’ll be writing  a longer post on it soon. But as we’re talking about books, I thought I should mention it. It starts on Thursday (3rd October) with a festival launch at 6pm. There are so many workshops, reading and other events. I think they’re all ticketed. But some are free.

I always seem to forget about these events until it’s too late. So this year I have to go to at least one. I was thinking that the Productivity for Creative Writers Workshop would be a good one, because I really need to get that novel started. I need to start getting myself out there with other writers. Also, the Science Fiction for Beginners Workshop looks good.

So that’s all I have to say on the matter really… Go find your nearest bookshop or library and have a browse. Oh, I almost forgot, if you do go to a bookshop look out for Books Are My Bag, which was launched earlier this month.It’s all about celebrating bookshops, which we really need to do more. It runs up until Christmas. You can find your nearest participating bookshop here.


You can get one of these pretty bags.. as people seem to really like bags with giant writing on these days.


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