A Poem: No Regrets

Daily Prompt: Childlike

Explain your biggest regret — as though to a small child.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHILDLIKE

I wrote this poem slightly off prompt because small children shouldn’t learn to regret.

Don’t’ regret the little things you do from day to day

Don’t dwell on the bigger things that happened yesterday

Each little thing that happens

Shapes who you’re going to be

But one mistake won’t wreck it all

Soon you’re going to see

The good things and the bad ones

No ones keeping score

Just smile and take it in your stride

You’ll enjoy life so much more!

Two pieces along the same lines that are worth the read:

 – On Regrets. Dear Child – Dear Yolandi

Daily Prompt: Childlike – My Atheist blog


7 thoughts on “A Poem: No Regrets

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