I Love to See My Name In Print / Published in Grad Mag

A while ago I replied to an advert for students/graduates who want to get published. I ended up writing  an article called ‘What Not To Do When You Graduate’ for Grad Mag. As they bring out their magazines six times a year I’ve had to wait a bit for it to be published.

But finally I received an email from Grad Mag’s Creative Director last week to say it would be out this week. I’ve been checking the site everyday, and today, the new magazine is out.

You can find it here – Grad Mag Issue #40 Autumn 2013 – My article is on pages 24 to 25.

I just love that rush when I see my name in print, and this time it’s not just an online article or one for Uni, it gets distributed to Universities all over the UK. So my article has to be read by at least one person. Even if they just glance at it, there’s my name is bright blue.. and its a weird one that should stick in their mind (my name not the article).

This is just the kick up the arse I need to remember my goal.. ‘Become a full-time PAID freelance writer!’

.. baby steps


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