This was supposed to be the year I got a great job, wrote my novel, planned my travels, learned to drive, lost weight, got fit, etc,etc,etc. Believe me the list goes on.

Instead, I’ve got majorly stressed, tried to do a million things at once, decided to do nothing, decided to do EVERYTHING. So this month I stop.

There are certain things I need to do, and others that can wait.

Sorry Nanowrimo, but I’m just not in the right mindset. The idea of it is great. I’ve got a plan for a novel. But I don’t love it. I just picked one of my ‘simpler ideas’ to be ready in time. But I’ve got a TEFL course to finish (deadline January 28th), so for now that has to take priority.

Fast diet, shake diet, raw food diet.. no. No No No. None of these things have worked for me. I look around and see what’s working of other people and think – “Oh I’ll try that.”

Instead I’m thinking back to when I was at my happiest weight – It was the year before I started Uni. I ate what I wanted, but I didn’t comfort eat because I wasn’t stressed. I walked a lot.

But yes, I did need a bit more exercise, and could have done with cutting down on the processed food.

So stress.. No… not this month.

I keep worrying about joining up to the gym, starting classes, going swimming. I don’t even like water (It takes me at least 15 minutes to get in the pool every time)

So guess what? No.

I used to go for long walks when I was stressed. I enjoyed jogging. I really enjoy yoga too. I’ll join the gym next month.. if I want to 🙂

With my driving lessons, no more worries that I’m going too slow, no more trying to calculate how long it should take me to pass. I have the nicest instructor, who puts me at ease and doesn’t push to hard. But there I am in my own head blah blah blah.

Shuushh.. no.

As for everything else – Buying xmas presents, sensible shoes, writing to do lists, dying my hair…

No.. you can all wait until next week.

…anndd take a deep breath. Ahhhhh…

I feel so much better now.

So did you get it? Say no this November 🙂

(From Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – Intense! – I thought I’d have a break from my usual poem/short story post)


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