2014: The Year of Colour

Yesterday, I found two things that are going to make my year awesome and colourful. As you may (or may not) know, two of the things on my 30 Before 30 list are: ‘go to a festival’ and ‘run a race every year.’

HOLI Festival of Colours

First of all, we have the HOLI Festival of Colours. The HOLI Festival originated in India. It’s a Hindu festival that takes place on the day of the full moon of the Phaluga month (the twelfth lunar month in Hindu calendar). Basically, it’s about celebrating the victory of good over bad and the beginning of spring.

Now the HOLI Festival of Colours is worldwide. I don’t know how I never heard about it before. It’s happening at different locations around the UK, but tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. Actually, there hasn’t really been much information released on it at all. The only confirmed location at the moment is London.

But it’s got me pretty excited. Every hour, on the hour you get to have a big colour powder fight… just like in this Regina Spektor video. What more could you want from a festival?

The Color Run

Now for the more athletic of you we have pretty much the same thing, but as a race! The Color Run, also happening all around the UK, is a 5k of colourful fun! At the moment there are confirmed race in London, Manchester, Sunderland, Birmingham, Belfast and Brighton.

You start off all clean in white, and end the race covered in colour. It’s only 5k so you don’t need to be mega-fit or anything. I can’t remember the last time I went running so I guess I should go get some new trainers!

Registration opens on 31st January. The first race will be on Sunday June 1st at Wembley City in London!

If you are planning to go, you might want to buy this LivingSocial deal. As well as your registration in London, Birmingham, Sunderland or Brighton, you also get an official The Color Run race pack that includes a t-shirt, head band and colour packs. I think this deal closes before the race registrations open so you’ll have to be quick.

Oh, and if you’re in the US, you can find information on the Color Run’s in your area here.


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