Afraid of Heights? Go Jump Off a Bridge!

When I was younger, I got stuck at the top of a rock-climbing wall. In fact, I may not have actually been at the top, but it was high. At around the same age, I abseiled down a bridge. By abseiling I mean held onto the rope, closed my eyes and listened to a girl, who was attached to me, scream. The latter was a pretty traumatic experience.

People usually say that they were scared at the time, but once it’s over they want to do it all over again. I say NOPE..

So yeh.. I’m scared of heights. This means rollercoasters, ferris wheels… sky diving, etc, etc are out of the question. To be honest, dropping from the sky or being spun upside down on some creaky old fairground ride are not on my to-do list. But climbing something high is.

I’ve never understood the whole ‘being scared for fun thing’. I also hate horror movies. I’m painting the picture of a complete scaredy cat here I know…

I’m not that adorable..

Anyway, one day I may have to climb out  the window of a burning building, or hide up a tree from bear. So it’s time to cross heights off my list of fears. That’ll just leave fireworks, pain, the dark.. death..

I decided something controlled would be best (no throwing myself off a bridge is not a real option).

So here are my top three ideas:

Rock Climbing (again)

So I had a bad experience with rock climbing. It doesn’t mean I should never try it again. I was fine (sort of) while I was climbing. It was when I tried to get down that I panicked.

I’m not a child anymore. I can climb a rock.

I know of a few indoor rock climbing places in my area. But to do this properly I’d have to be outside, maybe on a real rock wall? I’m not sure if it matters if the wall is real or not. But as a fake one is made for the sole purpose of climbing (with those bright colours sticky-out bits), I guess it would be easier.

Inside or out?… I guess the indoor walls are pretty high too..

Tree Climbing

As I’ve already tried rock climbing, something similar may be a better idea. I’m not sure if it’s more or less safe, but there are ropes and helmets involved so it can’t be too dangerous.

Goodleaf Tree Climbing, located in Appley Park, Ryde Isle of Wight, is the first company that came up when I Googled ‘tree climbing’. I didn’t realise there were places to go to do this professionally, and more importantly, safely.

Although, I’m not feeling too safe at the thought of hanging upside down on a rope, helmet or no helmet.

I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight, so this could be a good reason to go. But there must be a few tree climbing places around the UK. It’s not as if we’re running low on trees.

So I think a bit more research is needed before I consider this one. I need to find out exactly how tall these trees are that we’re supposed to be climbing.

A Tree Top Adventure

I heard about Go Ape a while ago. But I saw heights and thought, “Ahhh no!”

This looks like it would be one of the more fun  activities. It’s basically an assault course in the trees.  I know it’s not exactly climbing something high, but I guess there would be some climbing involved.

There are loads of these places all around the country, and that’s just the Go Ape ones. TTAdventure looks good too (no favouritism until I’ve actually been to one). There’s just something nice about hanging out in a forest. I could take a picnic.

Looking at the pictures, it doesn’t seem to be as high as actually climbing rocks or trees though. Maybe that’s why it seems so appealing. But maybe that’s just cheating..

So these are my three options.. unless you have any other suggestions.

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