National Libraries Day 2014 – 5 Reasons Why I Love Libraries

As you may know, it was National Libraries Day 2014 last Saturday (8th February). This post was planned for Friday, but I forgot to finish it… oops… But we should be appreciating our libraries everyday anyway!

I’ve always loved libraries. I remember visiting them as a child, and my bed was basically a mini-library, with books piled at the end of my bed and hidden under my pillows. I’m not sure libraries are given as much recognition as they should be these days.

So here are my five reasons why I love them!

1. So many books

There’s just something enchanting about being surrounded by books. If you’ve ever watched Beauty and the Beast, the look on Belle’s face when she’s shown the HUGE library in the Beast’s castle says it all.

Where else can you find so many books? Maybe a bookstore? which brings me on to number 2…

2. You don’t have to buy the books

You can just browse all day if you want to, have a walk round, read a book or two. There’s no need for payment, even for a library card.

Last time I forgot to take a book back (I’m usually pretty good with that sort of thing) it only cost me 15p in late fees.

Best episode of Arthur ever!

3. A quiet place to relax

Libraries are one of the most peaceful places  you can find, especially if you live in a big city or somewhere busy. In fact everything is automated now so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to talk to anyone.

You might get one of those busy days where are the school kids are in. But most libraries have designated children’s areas now… And if anyone is ruining the peace by being too loud, you can always tell on the nearest librarian.

One of the best things about that job (apart from the books of course) must be shhuushhing people.

4. They can be beautiful

My favourite library is the new Library of Birmingham. It’s so unusual looking – but I believe that all of our libraries should stand out like this one.

Doesn’t it just look like you could climb it?

There are also many beautiful libraries around the world too. They’re not just those boring little mobile-classroom type things we had at school.

New York Public Library, New York City [via]

5. It’s not just about the books

When you think about libraries you probably imagine shelves full of books. But it’s no longer all they have to offer. Nowadays libraries have computers, TVs, cafes, quiet places to study, theatres, etc, etc.

A lot of libraries also have events for kids – readings, author signings, fun activities, workshops – The Library of Birmingham even has a Sunday Film Club.

They really are just a nice place to hang out, get some peace and quiet, and… if you feel like it… read a good book.

So next time you’re stuck for something to do, the kids are off school, or you’re just bored on your break at work, pop into your local library.


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