It’s August and I’m Getting There…

How are we in August already??
So much has happened this summer so far. I didn’t need a bucket list, I’ve done so many awesome things.
Seeing Prince and McBusted live were definitely the top two things to happen to me this summer – the best two gigs of my life!

My souvenirs!
Now what else?
I now have two bunnies. I got Nelly from a pet shop then decided to adopt Jerry from the RSPCA as a friend for her. They’re the cutest couple I have ever seen!

Back to the bucket list
Travel by plane alone – DONE.. met my sisters in Turkey
Get a new hairstyle – I dyed my ends ORANGE!! Like it?

-Pass my driving theory test… I booked it for the end of August so FINGERS CROSSED!!
-Find a job I love doing (even if I’m not getting paid) – I started volunteering in a charity shop aaaannd on Monday I’m going to the PDSA about volunteering at a vets 😀 Nothing on the actual job front yet though =/
-Run that 10k for CEFNI German Shepherd Rescue – Tomorrow is the day!!
-Buy something amazing that I don’t need – Well I guess I didn’t NEED the rabbits.. But I LOVE them
-Start the novel (finish a chapter?) – Not yet sorry =/
-Dance – I didn’t really know what I meant bu this one. But happy people dance right? I had a great night dancing at a cousin’s wedding. I wasn’t expecting to dance so I was wearing MONSTER HEELS..
Like most of my old nights out I ended up bare footed…
And last but not least… Be happy with myself by the end of summer… I’m getting there 🙂
I’m learning that there is so much out there… and it’s ok to not be happy all of the time.

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