Hi, I’m Back…

It’s Monday, and yesterday we took the Christmas decorations down. So I guess it’s a new year.

I was in a completely different place when I started this blog… three years ago? Well I was in the same place – my parents’ house. It could have been this exact spot. But I’m not sure we had this sofa then. Anyways, it has been a bit stop-starty, but I feel like I need to blog again.

This isn’t all ‘new year, new me’ or anything. Last year came with plenty of change already. I was dating – like real life cringey, awkward dating. But it was worth it. I found a great guy, who is my opposite in so many ways, with the best heart (and he bought me 14-eye Doc Martens with roses on for Christmas… just saying).

Last year was also the year I applied for my Master’s in Social Media. I got on the course but deferred it for a year (yay government funding this year). So this will be the year I go back to University… and hopefully keep this blog going.

What else? Oh yeh – I failed my driving test 4 times (it could be 5) last year. So I gave up for a while. But this year I’m going to try again with my sister’s driving instructor. I can’t put my poor old instructor through anymore.

Aaannd… this is the year I start my shortbread business. I like to have a little project to keep my fingers busy. I made shortbread at Christmas for the family and everyone loved it. I love to knead dough and cut out cute little biscuits.

I just burnt my toast writing this – I will forever be a toast-burner. So much wasted bread…

So other than that, my bunnies are doing well in their shed. Jerry had a little run in with a fox, which gave me a fright. But he’s a strong boy. Nelly’s not the fighter she makes out. She just ran and hid.

I’m planning a few trips to see old Uni friends this year, and a hot hot holiday abroad with the boyfriend in the summer… It’s going to be a good year.

P.S I also started a new poetry blog last year – FeelaFeelingWriteaPoem. That’s where my creative writing will be mostly from now on. So go have a looky see… I’m thinking of writing a poem of burnt toast if you’re interested..


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