Exercise When You Feel Like Sh**

I woke up feeling terrible this morning. My throat was sore and I felt like I’d caught some sort of lurgey yuk from germy people. After an uncomfortable doctor’s appointment (lady stuff) and doing some food shopping, I really didn’t feel like moving again.

But Monday night is Clubercise night, my one exercise night of the week. So I dragged my butt off the sofa and got moving. Our class instructor is the most wonderfully camp man you could ever meet. He’s such a performer who demands the attention of the room.. so much wiggling…

I got such a burst of energy a couple of songs in. I felt a bit light-headed part way through the class. But other than that I feel like it’s done me a load of good.

I’ve decided club music isn’t for those nights spent in a drunken haze wearing heels that kill your feet. It’s for the exercise classes that make sweating your ass off a lot more fun.

A recent addition to the tracklist is that song from Flubber… you know.. Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight… Dancing around in my fluorescent gear, I felt like the little green goops dancing around with Robin Williams.

So I’ll be aching in the morning. Yes. My throat’s still sore. But a hot chocolate will sort that out, for a while anyway. Later in the week when I decide I want that piece of cake I’ll feel a little less guilty as I’ve totally earned it.


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