2016 Reading Challenge…

When I was a kid my favourite author was Enid Blyton. I wanted to read everything she’d written. It helped that my mom had most of her books from when she was a kid. I was so much more of a bookworm then.

Nowadays I’d say my favourite author is Neil Gaiman. I love how he writes, how he speaks, just everything about him. I met him at the book signing for Ocean at the End of the Lane and he was such a lovely, quirky person. I read his blog, look out for his Facebook posts. But I’ve realised I haven’t actually read that many of his books.

I’ve read Coraline, a few of his short stories, Ocean at the End of the Lane of course. I bought Stardust because I loved the film, but never got round to reading it. I had a flick through The Graveyard Book before I was a fan in those days I worked round the corner from a library.

At the moment I’m feeling like one of those girls who wears the t-shirt but never really listens to the band. So today I bought two of his books. I know I’ll enjoy The Graveyard Book because I’ve already kind of read it. American God’s seems to be the ‘one to read’ so I bought that too.


Time to start acting like a real fan. I loved books so much as a kid and I’m so much happier when I’m part way through one… Which brings me on to the reading challenge. In Waterstones I saw this.


So that’s my plan for 2016. Back into reading it is!


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