Keep Reading

Last night I read a whole book… Well most of a book. I’d already read a couple of chapters a while ago.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy about it.

As a kid I used to sit up all night reading the same few books over and over. But nowadays I don’t feel like I have enough time to read. I start a book then forget about it, or I don’t start a book I really want to read because I know I’ve already started others… and there’s just not enough time.

But you know what? There’s always enough time. If there’s not I’m going to make time because I really love reading. I can’t think of anything that makes me happy in that booky kind of way.

So now I’m going to start making my way through my Reading Challenge starting with American Gods by Neil Gaiman – A book I’ve been meaning to read.

I’ve also just got an email to say LoveReading is going to send me another book to read and review. Don’t you just love free books?

Oh I almost forgot. The book I read was Mrs Jefferies Dusts for Clues. It’s the second in the series of a mystery collection by Emily Brightwell. If you like shows like Rosemary and Thyme and Murder She Wrote you’d love it. The first book was published in 1992 and the latest one will be published this year so it’s a loooong running series, almost as old as me.

I think I got the book when I worked in a charity shop for a bit. Oh the hidden gems in charity shops. But that’s another story…


2 thoughts on “Keep Reading

  1. I’ve tried American Gods a couple have times but haven’t been able to finish it. Good luck! It’s really good, I don’t know why I can’t finish.

    • I get like that with some books. I never finished Perks of Being a Wallflower because I couldn’t make up my mind if I liked it or not.American Gods looks like a big chunk of a book compared to Neil Gaimans others. So I’ll have to see how far I get in one sitting.

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