And I Ran..

I ran so far away.. I just ran.. I couldn’t get away…

I haven’t blogged for a while.. again… I just can’t commit! I’ve  started doing some freelance writing (PAID YAY!) so I’ll blame that. Who knew I could write about men’s fashion??  There’s also more articles in the pipeline… But I’ll need to get my ass in gear if I want to realise my dreams of becoming a work at home journalist/writer/social media person. Where’s the bloody discipline???

|__Back to the point… That’s what I looked like on holiday in 2013 . I’m at least a stone heavier than that now.. and I thought I needed to lose a few pounds at the time.

I’ve been feeling especially chunky and unfit lately, so I decided I’d start running again (and maybe I’ll eat less chocolate). It has been a while and god it killed me! But I go on holiday in a couple weeks and I want to look at least a bit toned.

So maybe I’ll blog about getting fit… Or maybe this will just be it for another month or so.. Who knows?!?!?

Oh and no.. I haven’t had chance to read another book in a while…


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