Today I found out that I like houmous. It looks like one of the most boring foods ever – like a chickpea pasty slush. The texture is so weird and kind of bitty. Bottom line, if you don’t look at it, red pepper houmous tastes so good!

So I thought was getting back into running…

In reality what happened was I ran round my garden one day, hula hooped/ran round my garden another day.. and that’s it. Oh how I despise exercise at the moment.

Saying that, I walked to work three days last week. Although the weather’s not looking great today, I’m aiming for three out of four days a week, so I’ll see how far I get today and hop on the bus if it rains.

It’s not a short walk either. It takes anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on how fast I walk.

But I do like the walk. It’s the calm before the storm of pizza-making, customers and washing up.

There you go, a really interesting post about me walking to work… And houmous…


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