Holiday’s Over…



Check out my tan!

I’ve just spent a week in the sunny Tenerife with my boyfriend. It was our first holiday abroad together, and the first time I’ve been out of the country in two years (the last time being three nights in Turkey).

Our plane landed back in England at 3:15 Monday morning, and man was I tired. The last thing I remember of Tenerife was a little girl half asleep on her aunty’s shoulder at the airport, smiling her little sleepy smile at me. I’m usually not the biggest fan of children, they’re whiny and unreasonable, too much like myself. But I was happy to smile at this kid, she was quiet for one, and I felt like we had that same feeling of being tired and worried at the same time. We had a bit of a bumpy landing. But I was glad to be home.

It was the lovely break my boyfriend and I needed. But I think I’ve seen I all need to see of Tenerife. There’s a good heat with a nice breeze to take the burn off, but it’s so deserty. It doesn’t take long to get anywhere (the island’s tiny) but in between there just seems to be nothing..

The beaches are black sand, which looks better in the pictures I saw beforehand. In reality they’re more like grey, pebbly and uncomfortable (according to my boyfriend) . The only beach that was sandy had imported sand. Who went to all that effort? Anyway it was a chilly, cloudy day when we decided to take the two buses to find it. So it was a bit of a underwhelming situation.


The Hotel Food

We booked an all-inclusive hotel last-minute, and to be honest we probably got what we paid for. It was probably worth it for all  the drinks but the food wasn’t the best. It was rather… plain, which I find is usually the case in Spanish places. Maybe I just haven’t been to good ones. Bad food isn’t the end of the world though.

The problem with Punta del Rey was that it was kind of nowhere. There was a little shop to the left (after the rep told us that there was nothing to the left!)and to the right there was a fair walk to the beach, where the (very) few restaurants and bars were. The walk probably wasn’t that far, but in the heat it was. This meant it was easier to just pick through the crappy food at the hotel.

There was a McDonald’s up a hill that we went to twice. I was pretty amazed at the Chicken Big Mac. England take note!


The Grand Chicken Big Mac!

Back to Punta del Rey – I feel like I need to be fair to the hotel because it really was a nice stay. Everyone was friendly and helpful – the staff and guests. You only had to be sitting down for a few minutes before someone came to chat.

I also had the best massage ever. The lady used hot stones, a rolling thing, a vibrating thing, the whole works. Oh the relaxation….

What else? Well of course there was the usual – a pool, sunbeds, mini gym, bar, sports bar, karaoke, pool tables, etc.

The best thing about the hotel was beautiful courtyard (I’m sure it’s not a courtyard but that’s what I’m going to call it). If it was an English hotel there would be a few plants dotted around, a bench, and maybe a table. But here there was a pool, a waterfall and turtles! Oh how I love turtles. They were swimming around along with the Koi fish, sunbathing on rocks. I already miss going to say hi to them after breakfast every morning.


Water was a bit murky..


So yeh, Punta del Rey – they say 4 star, Thomson says 3 star. I’d say the turtles give you 3 1/2 stars.

Loro Parque

I know there’s been a bit of controversy around this park, especially with the Whales. I love wildlife and go to see animals at any chance I get. So I had to go see what it was like.


The Whales were beautiful and obviously so clever. But I honestly can’t say whether they’re happy or not. I saw the big guy with the bent over fin (apparently happens a lot in captivity) and he was magnificent. The problem with sea life is that they will never have even half the room to swim as they would in the wild. But if they really did save him from death maybe he’s in the safest place? But then again if he’s back up to full health why not let him go?

I don’t like commenting on things I don’t know much about. I can only go on what I see, and that is that these guys aren’t being neglected, starved or tortured. So maybe the keepers need to be given a chance to do what they think is best.

IMAG1158 (2)

Amazing creatures!


I’m not a fan of using animals purely for entertainment, so I was pretty happy with the dolphin show. Not only were the dolphins amazing, we got a mini dolphin anatomy lesson too. The dolphin handlers showed what we should do if we find a beached dolphin, and how to tell if they were male or female.

Then of course the dolphins, backflipped, jumped through hoops and pulls a kid in a boat. The main thing is, I really don’t think these people would be getting in the water with dolphins if they didn’t fully trust them.


Dolphins really are man’s best friend

And the Rest…

I realise people probably aren’t as interested in animals as I am so I’m not going to go on too much. Here’s a collage of the rest if you’re interested.


Check out the Gorilla chilling in the bottom right corner

So yes, I’m back. I can’t moan that I need a holiday anymore (although I could always do with another one). It’s back to business, time to concentrate on my writing, clear out my room (soooo much junk) and sort out things to go back to Uni in September.

P.S. I’m writing this pretty late so please excuse any mistakes.. I keep finding thema nd can’t be bothered to look anymore..


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