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Do you ever have those dreams that are so real that you just can’t escape? Even if you wake up they’re waiting for you when you close your eyes – daring you to sleep.


Last night I had one of those dreams.


I was in a house I didn’t recognise; I’m not sure if I was lost or what. As I walked up the stairs I called out to someone. A guy, who I assumed was a friend, appeared. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a shape rush past behind me. I looked up to see if the guy was still there and the look on his face was of pure horror.

Next thing I knew there was something round my neck and I was being dragged down the stairs. I felt every single bump, and whatever was round my neck was tightening. There’s nothing like that feeling.

Weirdly the person at the top of the stairs was apologising over and over so I guess he wasn’t really my friend, not a good one at least.

As I hit the bottom of the stairs I woke up.

I was back in bed and I couldn’t catch my breath. It felt like I was right back to being a kid – scared in the dark. Every time I closed my eyes it was there, like I’d just pressed pause. It was horrible. I hate bad dreams so much. Why do they feel so real?

I haven’t been feeling great lately. I’m not exactly a balanced person but I’ve been feeling more down than up. It’s hard to explain, which is frustrating, but I just haven’t felt good.

So I guess it’s all coming out in my dreams; a way of my head making sense of things and fighting the bad stuff. Like a fever when you have the flu?

At least as an adult I know they are just dreams. Although I
have to admit I was pretty scared last night.

I’ve slowly been feeling better throughout the day so hopefully I’ll have a peaceful sleep (with the help of my relaxation app) tonight. I think it’s time to battle out my fears and problems in the day so I can sleep without crazy dreams at night.


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