New Look

13872711_10154164063636293_5503387423478128170_nAs you can see I’ve changed my theme (again). This one looks nice and clean I think I’ll keep it.

I also have a new look.. Yes that’s me. Last week was my birthday week so I got a new do!

Now all I need is a new wardrobe, a new job and a new state of mind. But we’re getting there.

I think it’s time I had a change-up of the 30 before 30. I don’t seem to have done many of them so they can’t be that important.

Except that damn driving test that breaks my brain!

I also start my Master’s next month.. which is a new experience.. and hopefully one-off my list.

So, to new stuff!


I’m also trying to add more pictures to make my blog posts prettier (is it working?)


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