Starting Now…

If you follow this blog (hi imaginary readers!) you’ll know I’m a very erratic blogger, mainly because I’m an erratic person. Now I’ve found a reason to blog regularly.

I may have mention previously that I was going back to University, maybe I didn’t, I can’t remember. Anyways, here I am, fully enrolled on a Masters course in Social Media!

As part of one of my modules I have to blog social media-y (?) type things. So I’m going to use this blog and turn it into something good. I’ll still be posting my random rants, life stuff and stories. Okay, so I haven’t posted stories in a while, but I plan to post a short story once a month.

So here’s what you have to look forward to over the coming months:

  • Reading summaries of book/journal chapters I have to read as part of my module
  • Event reviews
  • Chats with some people who use social media for business
  • Updates on how I’m using social media to sell my handmade jewellery

Just a note on the last point, I’ve probably never mentioned that I make jewellery. I like to get creative sometimes (erratically of course). So I’m going to use my course to grow my hobby into a mini business venture. Then I can use the updates as part of my first assignment hopefully.

So there we are, plans until  January. Good luck to me.. and my fellow Social Media guys!

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