New Year’s Resolutions

I haven’t posted for a while because that’s generally how my blogging life is really.. erratic. I was busy trying to figure out what my lecturers wanted from me, then I got ill. Oh how I hate being ill.

Anyway, I’m better in time for New Year.. and just in time to panic about my assignments. So instead of working I’ve decided to write my list of New Year’s Resolutions before I start at my day job for the last time this year.

I hate the whole “new year new me” thing. If you’re doing that every year you’re the same moron you were last year… and all the other years.

My list is more of a to do list.. to continue on things I’ve already been improving this year.

  1. Get fit and healthy – Tonsillitis kicked my butt over Christmas. I had been doing pretty well at building up my immune system. But obviously some germs got in. So time to start again.. which brings me on to…
  2. Make a home-cooked meal at least once a week – I started doing this earlier in the year. But it trailed off as it got closer to Christmas. So my next step is to find more recipes that I can convince my boyfriend to eat.
  3. Set my career plans in motion – By May I will be done with half of my University course. That means no more lectures. So, even though I will be concentrating on my Dissertation, I’ll have the time to get more experience in social media, while building up my freelance writing. My plan is social media desk job + freelance writer. After looking into going freelance as a social media consultant, a job in an established company seems to be a  better option.
  4. Save money to move out – Next year, if all goes to plan, I will actually be working enough (that’s paid working) to afford to move out. So before iI splash out on shoes and Costa’s, I have to start saving.
  5. Have a nice holiday (hot hot hot)- This completely goes against the last one. But all work and no play…

You may have noticed that passing my driving test isn’t on this list.. or you’ve never read my blog before and you don’t care. Either way, I’m not pressuring myself into something that stresses me out that much. When I feel like I can have another go I will. Until then, a few more train and bus rides will build character… I guess.

Have a lovely New Year guys. See you on the other side!

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