A New Project: Alternative Britain

With my Social Media MA group, I am currently working on the website – AlternativeBritian.com. Basically, we were given the URL by Dave (our tutor) and told to run with it.


(Created by Luca)

What is Alternative Britain?

We decided to turn the website into a place where you can find articles on culture, lifestyle, places and politics. I personally wanted to ignore politics. but I guess that it’s unavoidable given the current state of our world.

I’m planning to focus on fashion and interesting places to go. This is my first article – 5 Alternative Places to Stay on Valentine’s Day

How is it going?

I have to say we’ve had quite a wobbly start, possibly a case of too many cooks not enough communication? But I’ve learned that spreadsheets are my best friend. We have so many spreadsheets for passwords, topics, scheduling, goals, analytics, etc. I recommend that anyone who has any kind of project keeps a note of EVERYTHING, especially if there are a lot of you.

During the first week we focused on getting the website set up, creating the social media pages, and posting the first few articles. From our first observation we found that our social media pages were not very interactive and there wasn’t much interest in them.

This Week’s Plan

  • Each social media page manned daily by an individual to build likes/interactions
  • Article postings on website scheduled so they are spaced out
  • Articles shared throughout the week
  • Website/social media pages colour scheme needs to be matched

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