Alt Britain Update: Inviting people to Like Your Page

This week I haven’t done any experimenting on AltBritain. I have been spending time researching engagement and encouraging new likers. We just can’t seem to make it over 30 fans.

During my research I discovered something small, but useful.>>here<<

When you create a page on Facebook, the first thing you tend to do is invite your friends to get your first likes. I didn’t realise this wasn’t the only way to invite people to your page.

I’m sorry if this was already obvious to anyone, but I’d never thought of trying it.

Making the Most of Post-Boosting

The point in boosting posts on Facebook is to get more people to see them, obviously. But just because they’ve liked the post, it doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically click-through and like your page.

If you click on the likers of your post (see below), you can invite them to like your page.

Inviting new likers 1Inviting new likers

This isn’t just a way to make the most of your boosted posts. If your posts have been shared it’s worth checking if the people who  liked it are already fans. If not, you can invite them even if they are not your friend on Facebook.

This may only be a small discovery. But surely people who have already liked your post will be more inclined to like your page.

So this week I’m going to do more research on hidden things to help build a following on Facebook.


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